Balancing two camps in one week was initially intimidating, but what a blessing it has been. Adventure Camp and God’s Girls on the Go together created this community that could function perfectly both separately and together. God was at work in bridging the age gap between the two, resulting in a family rather than a rivalry.


Adventure Camp embraced their surroundings and explored nearly every inch of Mound Ridge. Carving walking sticks, hiking, fishing and zip-lining were amongst the many activities this group enjoyed. Their jokes and laughs rang through the campground as their imaginations ran wild and the campers became inseparable. It was inspiring to watch them become so close although each individually so different. The Bible studies gave campers the opportunity to find meaning and purpose to everything they were doing; equipping them with the knowledge and love of Christ to go back to the real world transformed.


God’s Girls on the Go had a blast with songs, crafts and fun games. This year’s cooking theme taught about Christ’s love through recipes on how to live a full life. Adults could take a lesson from these girls as they were each so willing and eager to learn more and engage fully in each activity. Listening to them belt the words to the “Fruit of the Spirit,” “Jesus Loves Me,” or “Sanctuary,” it was obvious that the Holy Spirit was at work. 


Together, these two groups continued this life changing summer and brought so much joy to Mound Ridge. As the campers continue to grow in their faith, prayers are with them that they remember the lessons they learned this week and can carry that light into the world. 

Posted: 06/30/17

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