The NextGen Staff Development Intern works within the NextGen area of The United Methodist Church of Missouri.  This position works in cooperation with the NextGen Mobile Camp Coordinator to determine recruiting objectives for staff positions and staff development.

  • Work with the mobile camp coordinator to determine the appropriate staffing needs for each track position and development of job descriptions for those positions.
  • Develop relationships with College0-Age Ministry Directors to begin recruiting students into internships, both during the school year and summer.
  • Develop contacts using various social medias.
  • Work with NextGen Communications Specialist to develop marketing materials, social media presence, and website presence.
  • Develop monthly follow up programs with staff that are hired to keep them engaged and excited for the summer.
  • Preferred experience in a related degree or job field.
  • Some experience in ministry whether paid or unpaid required.
  • Ability to maintain an orderly workflow according to priorities
  • Ability to adhere to and manage the approved budget
  • Excellent communication skills, specifically, strong writing and editing skills.
  • Problem-solving attitude
  • Proficient computer skills.
  • Desire to serve Jesus Christ, through the Church, with a loving, warm, welcoming, and helpful nature. Also, a desire for discipleship and servant leadership.
  • Desire to support and grow the United Methodist Church, and a basic understanding of UMC polity and governance.
  • This position requires confidentiality, decorum, creativity, flexibility, a diverse skill set and collaboration with internal and external groups. There is a high degree of social interaction required.



Staff Recruitment Intern

Posted: 10/08/18

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