Every camp has their own traditions and quirks that make them unique; so by that standard Sanctuary Kamp is by far the most unique Infuse Core Camp we have. This camp has had 40 plus years of different counselors and directors forming it into the piece of art it is today. Instead of nap time, they have “Scott’s hour.” Instead of saying amen after a prayer, they say “I know that’s right.” Schottishing, old-time square dancing, is amongst the favorite evening activities. The infamous Jar makes an appearance at the talent show each year. The same songs have been sung for so long that boys and girls instinctually know their parts to create a beautiful harmony. Other staples to Sanctuary Kamp include Kuehle Olympics, defend your director water game, and a themed dance highlighting pirates vs. ninjas this year.


As one counselor said, Sanctuary Kamp is the Catholics of Methodist Church camps; not in a religious sense, but when it comes to the traditions and rituals. Although it may seem strange to an outsider, like the Catholic church, campers find God and comfort in knowing that each year they come back they know what to expect. They’ll once again get a chance to compete in their favorite games, sing and dance to silly songs, and reconnect with their Savior.


But the beautiful thing about our faith is that God can show up in the routine and the unexpected. Amongst the busyness that life and even church camp can distract us with, God’s presence can be seen in the little things like the breeze from a fan as one camper shared. The counselors’ testimonies and Pastor Rick’s paper bag lessons assured the campers that even the curve balls life throws don’t have to be the final strike. Recognizing the Holy Spirit at work in every situation is the greatest miracle God has provided.


Tradition brings comfort, peace and the reminder that God’s love is constant. But finding God in the unexpected gives us confidence in the mysterious ways God is at work in all creation.


I know that’s right.

Posted: 07/28/17

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