Through Ignite Mobile camps, the Missouri Conference seeks to connect the community to its local church, equip the church for outreach and provide discipleship for a new generation. Partner with us to invest in young people who desperately need to experience the love and grace of our mighty God.

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Mobile Camp Application

Basic Contact Information

Is this the first year your church has applied for camp? *
If you have hosted camp before, which types of mobile camp have you hosted?


In order to create a healthy and successful camp experience, a camp leadership team must be in place. Which people from your church (volunteers or staff) will coordinate the following responsibilities? A name can only be used twice in total.


What would be your church's primary source of camp funding? Check all that apply.

Youth Involvement

Have your youth ever attended any NextGen sponsered events such as NextGen Academy? *
Have church staff or volunteers involved in family ministry ever attended any of the NextGen sponsered Lunch on Us events? *

Follow Up

Camp continues far past just the 1 week event. Before partnering with a church, NextGen would like to confirm that a plan is in place to accomplish the goal of continued growth for the local church.

Date Preferences

Before selecting, confirm with the local school system, community, and church calendars to see what activities (i.e. summer school) will affect the dates you choose.
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Church Requirements

In order to host a mobile camp with Conference financial assistance, local churches will commit to 2 clauses. If you agree, select yes in in the spaces provided.
The local church will commit to be in communication with NextGen staff via phone or in-person at least once per month after being selected. *
The local church will attend the post camp debrief meeting with NextGen (to be scheduled after church’s selection). *