We all know that before going to camp there’s a mad rush to pack up all the bits and pieces from home so that we can be truly comfortable while we’re away. This process is filled with excitement and nervousness as we try to not forget anything while simultaneously preparing our hearts for a week surrounded by God’s creation and community. So to ease some of those nerves we’ve put together the ultimate list of camp essentials that you’ll need before heading to the best week of your summer!

  1. A Full Suitcase

Fill your bag with all the basics like clothes, shoes, towels, swimsuit, bedding and bug spray you’ll need. Don’t forget a toothbrush and any shower accessories because without those you could be looking at a tough week of making friends.

  1. A Positive Mindset

A week of camp can be the best or the worst week ever depending on how you involve yourself. If you come in with a positive mindset, confident in yourself, knowing that you’re surrounded by God’s children who will become your family in a matter of days, you’ll be ready for the ways that the Holy Spirit is going to work in your life.

  1. A Bible, Journal, and Pencil

For many students, they’re not quite sure where to start, so the Bible can seem intimidating. But camp is a great opportunity to take steps to get closer to Christ by pouring yourself into the Word. A week long curriculum will point you in the right direction, but we’re also big fans of 1 Timothy 4:12 “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” God is present in all things, but when you’re at camp you’ll have counselors and friends who will help point out those things and you won’t want to forget them. 

  1. A Smile

Showing up to camp with a smile serves two purposes. First, the counselors there to greet you are all incredible and have volunteered their time to spend a week with you, so what’s a better way to thank them than with a smile? Second, a huge perk to camp is making new friends so show others you’re happy to be there and ready to get to know them! A simple gesture like this makes all the difference, reminding the counselors that their hard work planning is worth it and showing others you’re excited to get to know them.

  1. An Open Heart

The Holy Spirit is ready to work in the hearts of each and every camper; the life change just comes when you open your heart to the Lord. A simple desire to know God can result in blessings you would never imagine.

  1. Something Funny

Put yourself out there! Camp is the perfect place to be yourself, be silly, and make a statement you would be too scared to in the real world. Whether it’s a fanny pack, glitter visor, cat t-shirt, or Hawaiian shorts, this is the time to show the world your true self!

  1. Cough Drops

Camp can get pretty crazy…and very loud. If you bring all the above essentials, there’s a strong chance you’re going to lose your voice. So just prepare ahead of time, trust us.

Posted: 06/18/18

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