College is known for stressful exams, cramped dorm rooms and preparing for future careers. Little did we know it’s also the perfect place for capture the flag, shaving cream fights and arts and crafts. Two of the Infuse Core Camps are held at Central Methodist University and what a blessing the change has been from the typical campground. Campers get many of the same experiences, plus the added benefit of air conditioned dorm rooms, rec center and all you can eat pizza. 


The older elementary, junior high and senior high groups from this past week made this campus their home as they became one, huge family. As the little kids ran around and thrived during cup stacking and crafts, the middle schoolers enjoyed sports and challenges led by the oldest group.  High schoolers truly became leaders after being given the responsibility to lead worship, spiritual exercises and morning watch. Sharing their testimonies until the wee hours of the morning resulted in the realization that this camp not only gives them a break from the challenges of the world, but gives them life and a softened heart to share and see God in the everyday. 


The rejuvenating powers of camp out in the wilderness are incomparable, but this second location is a great alternative for our larger camps. The games, handshakes, riddles and silly songs remain the same, but for just a few, short weeks this place of knowledge and prestige is filled with joy and laughter. Sidewalks typically escorting backpacks between classes have a much younger client, running from “it.”


Now when campers head to college, surrounded by the pressures and stress, they can hold the memory of church camp close with the reminder that the Holy Spirit is present even there.

Posted: 07/14/17

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