There are few things that can impact your life like a week at church camp. The games, family groups, traditions, campfires, worship and vespers together create this experience that cannot be recreated and rarely properly communicated. No matter how many stories anyone tells about their week at camp, family and friends won’t understand how transformative it can be. So all we can do is try. 


Kerusso is the first Infuse Core camp of the summer. The camp’s new home, Mound Ridge, is famous for it’s disconnection from the outside world and steep hill that must be conquered between each activity. Though initially intimidating, these two attributes are overcome with few complaints and many memories. Campers and counselors are able to be truly present in every moment, surrounded by God’s creation.


Kerusso traditions are what set this camp apart from the rest. Capture the flag with cornstarch taggers. Shaving cream war. Blindfold and non-dominant hand meal. Float trip on the river. Each of these activities enable the group to bond and have fun out of their comfort zone. While they experience joy and laughter throughout the day, vespers is a time for the campers to hear their counselors’ testimonies. After sharing their stories and struggles, they communicated how God is at work and is molding their hearts. 


The campers, counselors and Mound Ridge staff made this week unforgettable for everyone. God was heard in the laughter, felt in the interactions and seen in the glowing fire and shining stars. As the week concludes prayers are sent with each and every one of the campers that they will take these lessons home and continue to pursue their relationship with the Lord. 

Posted: 06/23/17

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