4,479 campers. 21 Ignite Mobile camps. 11 weeks of camp. 10 Infuse Core camps. 9 Spark Mini-Mobile camps. 5 campgrounds. 2 shaving cream fights. 1 Almighty God.


A summer full of life-changing ministry has come to an end. A summer of joy, laughter, games, and memories that will last a lifetime. A summer of camp that will allow for campers to spark, ignite, and infuse their faith to become intrepid believers.


Spark Mini-Mobile Camp has been the perfect opportunity for the church to break outside of their walls and reach out to the community. Initially enticed by the inflatables and rock wall, campers became more excited about Bible studies, several times leading the kids to ask for a Bible to take home. Thanks to the volunteers and staff, campers walked away with a sparked faith, ready to continue to explore and grow.


Continuing in spiritual growth, Ignite Mobile Camp, partnered with Eagle Lake Camps, specialized in faithful dedication during the 21 camps they led throughout the summer with the time and attention they gave to each camper.


During a one on one, a camper shared with her counselor that she wanted to climb to the top of the rope tower, but was scared of heights. Terrified but determined, encouraged by the chants below by her family group and the guidance of her counselor, the camper made it to the top after a grueling thirty minutes and slid down the inflatable to victory.


This faithful dedication is what transforms lives, ignites faith and connects campers to the local church. They understand the love and support the church and God have to offer.


Each week a different Infuse Core Camp immersed campers in a culture focused on glorifying God during all the typical camp activities. Whether it’s shaving cream fights, camper versus counselor basketball games, Schottishing, or early morning fishing, each camp carried on traditions to make their camp feel like home alongside the surprises and twists that come each year.


One evening this summer, campers decided to forgo their usual nightly activity and shared the stories that lie behind their well-crafted masks, each camper ending with the hope and joy they got after they came to camp.


Separating these campers from the distractions of the world allowed for a deeper connection and time to learn how to infuse their faith into their lives once they go back to the reality of another school year.


The second year of Intrepid Wildfire Camp introduced a completely new format to camping. This week focused on teaching campers about the value of serving the community.


After a week of pushing past 100 degree weather, campers were given the opportunity to create their own mission. The campers transformed from unmotivated to passionate volunteers, dedicated enough to seek out their own mission in Columbia and after they go home.


Going beyond the walls of the traditional camp and incorporating their importance to society made these campers intrepid Christians. Fearless and adventurous they now have the personal strength in their relationship with God, but also the courage to share that with others.


It’s these stories of God’s work that remind us why camp is an integral part of the discipleship process for today’s youth. The Next Generation Ministries team is working to continue improving this ministry and expanding discipleship to be at work year round.

Posted: 08/17/17

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