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Join thousands of campers across Missouri as they seek out a summer of adventure, excitement and a chance to deepen their appreciation of God’s creation. Campers can take part in wilderness exploration, team sports, faith-building exercises and classic summer camp and waterfront activities.

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Dates: June 19-24

Age Range: 11-18

Location: Mound Ridge

Price: $350

Adventure Camp

Dates: June 26-30

Age Range: 11-13

Location: Mound Ridge

Price: $290

God’s Girls on the Go

Dates: June 26-30

Age Range: 8-11

Location: Mound Ridge

Price: $290

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The number one question we received at camp was “What about this Bible?”  We gave away over 20 Bibles at camp.  We had on little girl who came, and her friend’s mom came and talked to me.  She said that her daughter was embarrassed because she had to borrow her grandmother’s bible for camp, and it was awful because it had all these old words in it.  Not only did we give her a Bible, but we gave her little brother a Bible as well.  And I just loved it because they had been coming to Upward Basketball but had never come to church.  It wasn’t until after camp that they felt confident in doing that.  

- Kim Mertz, Concord Trinity

Infuse Core FAQ's

What does my child need to bring to camp?

There are a few items that needed to be brought to camp each year. Click the links below for your specific camp, or contact Scott Burdin with more questions.